Our wonderful walkers

Kathryn - Charlton Kings

'Dog walking is the perfect job for me as I have a passion for all animals, especially dogs and I love the outdoors. I have always had dogs in my life and currently have a very well-behaved Labrador called Leo who loves walking with the other dogs. We make a great team and have lots of fun!

I live in Charlton Kings surrounded by beautiful countryside and try and take the dogs on as many varied walks as possible. Our favourites are Dowdeswell and Lineover woods.'


Nic - Cheltenham


'I love dogs, big or small and all the different breeds and genuinely love walking. My regular dogs include a mixture couple of fun-loving cockapoo's, a show cocker and a Schnauzer.


I am getting to know the unique personalities of the dogs I am walking and together we are discovering many new and lovely walks.  


My favorite walks include starting in Burrows field then heading up Leckhampton Hill through the fields behind St Peters Church, Barber woods and exploring  Daisybank.'

thumbnail_Phil and Pi.jpg

Phil - Leckhampton and Bentham


'Here I am with my Jack Russell, Pi. He’s 17 years old now and slowing down a bit, but still walks with me all over the Cotswolds. He loves a long walk with the dogs that I exercise regularly.

One of my favourite things about the job is picking the dogs up. They’re so excited to see me – they know they’re going to get a good walk!  I enjoy the challenge of working one-to-one with rescue dogs too. They’re as deserving of love and affection as any other dog and respond positively to kind and patient treatment.

On starting at Cotswold Hound: it’s great to be working with Bryony, her wonderful team and your dogs'.


Sally - Leckhampton

'I am a total animal lover and am a little bit nuts about dogs! I am also very outdoorsy, so dog walking is always a pleasure for me, come rain or shine.


I have worked with many different breeds, and am happy to walk on or off lead. My true passion is stomping up the beautiful hills surrounding the town and finding new walks in the woods and fields of Leckhampton and surrounding areas, where I am based. Your dog will never be bored on a walk with me!


Come and meet us!

Call, text or email to arrange a home visit on 07545 228850 or Bryony@cotswoldhound.co.uk