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Dog walking Cheltenham
Keeping your dog fit, happy and healthy

Your dog in our team's safe hands

Your dog needs ideally a good walk every day to meet its physical and mental needs. However it can be tough to manage this all the time due to work or personal commitments.  

Let’s face it most of us have demanding jobs or family responsibilities which impact upon our free time and energy levels in the week!

In addition, handing your beloved pet over to someone different can make you worried about the level of care they will provide and the interactions they may have with other dogs.


Having a walker that is trusted by many other owners, who is fully insured and whose walking team is trained and supported by a qualified trainer will ease that concern.

Especially if the team's main goal is to make sure the dogs have a great time and come home happy and content.

Cotswold Hound's team can help with their award winning, friendly and flexible dog walking service.  Walks can be booked as 121 or Group, Monday to Friday.

But why us?  


Well here’s what makes us a bit different to the one man bands 

- We have a small team of dedicated walkers so when a walker is ill or on holiday there is seamless cover so you don't need to worry.

- We have a decade of experience walking dogs!

We take the time to get to know your dog as an individual and what they enjoy and what they don't.

  • Do they love to chase and move around, or would they prefer to potter and sniff?

  • Are they treat focused, or more motivated by interaction or praise?

  • What commands are they used to?

  • How can we support their training and development?  

  • What is their “normal” and what are their dislikes?


- We only walk a small number of dogs (up to 4) as we know that some dogs struggle and behaviour problems can appear when walked in big groups (Over-excitement around dogs or excessive anxiety)


We take time to understand your dog and decide which walking pack they may be suited to. We then will have a trial walk so we can begin the process of bonding with their walker and testing recall safely. 

As we have a walking team we have space to move dogs if there are any personally clashes between dogs – although sometimes some quite unlikely friendships develop! 

We are VERY fussy about the quality of the walkers too.  Our walking team is carefully selected by us and then trained by our in house qualified dog trainer who is also able to support our team in the field (quite literally) so the walkers can identify if the dogs are happy or pick up on any red flags early on.


Additionally, as you’d expect, we are canine first aid trained and fully insured!

But don’t just take our word for it – read what some of our customers say in our reviews:


So how does the walking service work?  


Well once we have got to know you and your dog and you are happy to progress to regular walks, your walker will pick up your dog at the agreed time, transport them to one of a number of preferred rural walking spots to give them a good hour long off lead walk before returning them home to your home, clean and well exercised.

Walks are purchased at the beginning of the month to suit your needs on a subscription basis.  This may comprise of 5, 10, 15, 20 or 25 walks per month, with the ability to add more walks on an ad-hoc basis.


Walks are booked on a Thursday morning for the week ahead and you’ll have flexibility for which days each week you want your dog walked.

You will not only be supported by your walker; and the team manager, Bryony, but will also have access to a level of additional training or support if needed.  


Also, as part of our walking community you will also have access to our popular Cotswold Hound Club Facebook Group for all things dog related (advice/nutrition/training tips etc). We also offer additional perks such as discounts on training, dog toys, long lines and other items!

Talk to us now to get the ball rolling and let us take the pressure off your working week 


Cotswold Hound have been walking my 2 Vizsla’s for a few years now. The boys are always so excited when the walker arrives and they come home having been well exercised. Not easy to wear out two young Vizsla’s! 

I would highly recommend their service. Bryony is reliable and accommodating when my plans have changed. I feel confident that my boys are in good hands when out walking with Cotswold Hound.

Two Vizsla dogs enjoying a dog walk in Cheltenham

Ludo and Ripley

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