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About our Trainer

Dogs excited and ready to be trained

Force free, reward based Dog and Puppy training and behaviour modification in the Cheltenham and Cotswolds area

IMDT qualified trainer Cheltenham
DTC approved dog trainer


I've been working with dogs for over 10 years and love seeing dogs learning and helping people build a bond with their canine companion.


My own training journey started with one of my own dogs and the struggles she had with fear based reactivity from when we got her at 8wks. Seeing the development in behaviour and confidence gave me a passion to learn more. 

I am an accredited and qualified dog trainer with The Institute of Modern Dog Trainers (IMDT), and I am also an approved dog trainer through the Dog Training College - both of these organisations promote ethical dog training. I am currently being mentored by Craig Ogilvie, who is an internationally renowned positive reinforcement dog trainer, specialising in high drive dogs and dog sports.

I am passionate about dogs and love seeing progress in those people and dogs I train. I work to continually develop my knowledge and training, and have done numerous courses over the years mainly in the following areas:

  • Puppy training, socialisation and development

  • Adolescent dog behaviour including managing arousal and problem behaviours

  • Gundog training and skills

  • Clicker Training and positive reinforcement

  • Interactive play and reward using non-food based reinforcement

  • Impulse control
  • Fear and Reactivity, specialising in nervous and scared dogs

  • Rescue dog rehabilitation

  • Separation anxiety and related disorders

  • Noise sensitivities and phobias

  • Canine First Aid

I use only modern, ethical, effective training techniques and will always put your dog's welfare at the heart of everything I do.  I am committed to doing my very best for every dog & owner I work with.


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Cotswold Hound Dog training Cheltenham Gloucestershire
Dog training college approved dog trainer
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