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Tailored training to meet your dog's individual needs

Well trained calm dogs with good manners and obedience

Force Free Dog Training and Behaviour Services in the Cheltenham and Cotswolds area

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DTC Approved Dog Trainer

Our approach

A dog can bring so much joy and happiness to your life, however, untrained they may become a source of anxiety and frustration.


You may find you don't enjoy your dog as much as you hoped or the dream of relaxed country walks isn't becoming a reality 


Choosing the right dog professional will make a huge difference to the life you live with your dog. A good trainer will help you understand and promote a relationship with your dog which is based on mutual respect and trust.

At Cotswold Hound, we are here to help support you develop good behaviours and encourage a great life with your dog. Every dog is an individual so we tailor the approach based on your dog's needs

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We also want to provide the understanding to build an enjoyable relationship over the long term. To do this we use force free, reward based training and work with you to set objectives based on your needs.

Whether you are a puppy owner wanting to do the best for your new arrival, someone who has a dog that could do with some "fine tuning" or you just want to have more fun with your dog, drop us a line and we'll be happy to discuss how we could help. Our aim is to help you and your dog succeed.

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Our core range of services include:

  • Group Dog Training

    • Puppies and Beginners (up to 12 months)

    • Improvers (6 months +)

    • Recall

    • Lead walking

    • Gundog training

  • 121 Training and Behaviour Programs

  • Remote Dog Training

  • Walk and Train services 


What's the difference?

  • Group Dog training is where we have a number of dogs working around each other. This is beneficial for those wanting to cover a range of behaviours and do this with other dogs present so your dog learns to focus on you around other dogs.

  • 121 training and Behaviour Programs are where we work specifically on agreed training goals, which are tailored to your individual dog. Working over a number of sessions and via WhatsApp we can develop / improve the target behaviours with a plan and support. Unlimited access to us via WhatsApp/Email is included in our programs so you have the coaching guidance when you need it.

  • Remote Dog training - similar to 121 but we work online via Zoom/Teams. The same level of support but more convenient and in some cases more suitable if your dog is overly excitable or anxious.

  • Walk and Train - We take out your dog and train them while you might be busy at work or elsewhere. Notes and homework provided so you can continue this good work.


Group training for puppy, adolescent and adult dogs in Cheltenham

We love ensuring our customers and their dogs succeed, so please feel free to contact us as we're happy to explain our approach and explore how we can help. 


Ferris and I have loved our beginners classes with Cotswold Hound, such a friendly welcoming atmosphere to classes, everything we learnt was geared to real life situations and taught in a fun way with games that were great to get the kids involved with training too.
I loved that socialisation was built into each session, and I've come away confident with Ferris meeting and greeting other dogs and reading their body language.
Barnaby is really approachable and gave me loads of advice on dealing with any issues in a positive way.
Thank you Cotswold Hound, thanks to you me and Ferris are ready to take on the world together!

Cute well trained Labrador puppy


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