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121 Dog Training and Behaviour Cheltenham

Did you dream of owning a well behaved, good mannered, friendly and responsive dog, however training maybe isn’t going as expected?

Perhaps you’ve stopped enjoying walks, your dog ignores you, it jumps up at everyone, and you’re embarrassed by how your dog behaves in public.

You've asked on the internet and tried alsorts but nothing has helped? You don't know what to do or where to turn?


You've come to the right place.

Irish terrier reactive to horses, after training now calm
Previously reactive dog now calm and playing in the park

Having the right techniques for your dog along with a structured plan and good support will considerably help in achieving your training goals. Every dog is an individual and having a tailored approach for your dog will help achieve this. This could be to:

  • Improve recall, 

  • Develop lead walking and stop pulling, 

  • Help them become more obedient or less reactive 

  • Reduce any unwanted problem behaviours, such as barking, jumping up, separation and reactivity.

  • It might even be to harness their natural instincts through a positive outlet e.g. Gundog training


This approach will help develop the relationship and bond between you and your dog so your dog owning dream becomes a reality.

We’ve worked with hundreds of dogs and have numerous techniques and approaches to help dogs learn the skills to help them progress. We adapt these based on your dog’s unique needs and what is going to encourage them to behave in the best way possible.


From experience it takes time and consistency especially with younger dogs, but we have proven again and again the positive science based methods work.

Walking 2.jpg

One example is a working line Labrador, we worked with and the owner was struggling to control him, walks were a battle and the dog was unresponsive to any commands. All he wanted to do was lunge and pull to smells and run over to other dogs. We worked over a period of time to get success, initially enabling the dog to be walked safely before getting the dog walking well in a variety of settings, including local parks and the centre of Cheltenham. While also working on the dog's engagement and recall around varying levels of distraction.

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Working with Cotswold Hound, our 121 programs will help you build consistency and provide a customised plan for you and your dog’s specific needs. This will include regular sessions to develop the target behaviours. We’ll also provide unlimited support via WhatsApp or email to provide the coaching needed between sessions to enable success. Contact with us while on our programs is encouraged as we want to ensure you take a little win everyday to help achieve your goals.

Training a dog takes time, so why not start now before those bad habits become difficult to change. We have a limited amount of space each month so please contact us soon to secure your place.


Arrange a call with us now to discuss further and see how we can help you achieve your dog dreams.


Ferris and I have loved our beginners classes with Cotswold Hound, such a friendly welcoming atmosphere to classes, everything we learnt was geared to real life situations and taught in a fun way with games that were great to get the kids involved with training too.
I loved that socialisation was built into each session, and I've come away confident with Ferris meeting and greeting other dogs and reading their body language.
Barnaby is really approachable and gave me loads of advice on dealing with any issues in a positive way.
Thank you Cotswold Hound, thanks to you me and Ferris are ready to take on the world together!

Cute well trained Labrador puppy


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