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Puppy Training Cheltenham - Where the fun starts

You've got a new puppy, now you want to train it...

When your puppy arrives you can't help but be smitten by everything they do and you dream of carefree walks in the countryside or evenings in the pub with friends and your new companion. 

However, they can quite soon start to test boundaries and your patience. Problem behaviours can easily develop into longer term problems if not tackled in the right way early on.

Calm puppy trained to enjoy it's crate
Cute puppy trained to sit nicely

The typical areas puppy owners contact us for include:

  • Toilet training

  • Sleeping through the night

  • Being left alone

  • Jumping up

  • Mouthing/Biting

  • Chewing

  • Barking/whining

  • Introducing the new puppy to children and other pets

  • Socialisation - done the right way

  • Helping with any anxiety or shyness

  • Recall

  • Lead walking

  • And many more

Training a puppy isn’t just about completing a short puppy course. A dog’s development is continuous until adulthood, so it is important to have the right understanding to learn how to support your puppy as they develop in the first year or so.

Cotswold Hound aims to ensure our customers leave confident, well informed and able to continue their puppy’s training having had access to the support and training they need.

Puppy training Cheltenham

To support puppy owners Cotswold Hound are able to provide a number of options:

  • Private 121 sessions, typically to help before vaccinations to develop some great habits and put you on the right path, but also in combination with other options to meet the needs of your individual puppy as they develop towards adulthood.

  • Group training to get your dog learning key skills around other dogs and teaching them to focus on you.

  • Remote coaching to provide that support for when you need a quick answer between sessions

  • Train and Walk where we take your dog out and provide training to support wider learning goals.

Our experience and friendly approach will help you to achieve the same. We only use positive science based methods as these help to put your dog's welfare first and develop a confident happy dog.

Have a look at our reviews to see what our previous clients have said:

Please find our Facebook reviews here

Please find our Google reviews here

We know how important it is to help your puppy have a great start to life. We’re dog owners too, and have recently gone through the puppy stage ourselves and live by what we promote. 

We only have limited spaces available for each intake so please contact us soon to secure your place. Arrange a call with us now to discuss further and see how we can help you achieve your dog dreams.

UK Dog Charter 2023
Dog Training Collece Approved Dog trainer


Ferris and I have loved our beginners classes with Cotswold Hound, such a friendly welcoming atmosphere to classes, everything we learnt was geared to real life situations and taught in a fun way with games that were great to get the kids involved with training too.
I loved that socialisation was built into each session, and I've come away confident with Ferris meeting and greeting other dogs and reading their body language.
Barnaby is really approachable and gave me loads of advice on dealing with any issues in a positive way.
Thank you Cotswold Hound, thanks to you me and Ferris are ready to take on the world together!

Cute well trained Labrador puppy


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