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Group Dog Training Cheltenham

Does your dog see you as the centre of its world?

You want your dog to be well trained, have good manners and respond when asked. You want to become the centre of your dog’s world. 


So many dogs we work with have learnt that other things are highly motivating – dogs, people, scent, lampposts, wildlife, playing on their own, etc.


Given half the chance these dogs would run off and ignore you to access these items.


Regular training can really help to develop the relationship and bond between you and your dog. Doing this in a group format helps them to learn to interact with you around other dogs and distractions.


Whether a puppy or older, dogs can benefit from learning in a group setting. It helps to build new skills and confidence, while also teaching them how to behave in a variety of situations.

We’ve successfully trained hundred of dogs and have seen the difference regular group training can make. Our aim is to enable your dog to develop the bond it has with you and for you to become the centre of its world. 

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Classes are held at a secure field easily accessible just outside Leckhampton Village. The exercises are fun and simple, yet effective to develop your dog's important skills. We don’t have you sitting around watching but get you working during the majority of the session with regular short breaks so your dog learns to cope when nothing is happening too. 

We keep classes small so we can provide individual coaching in class as each dog will learn differently and we want you to progress your dog’s learning. Notes and homework are provided to keep you learning between sessions and you can contact us for advice in-between sessions too for support with common issues. Our aim is to help you to become the centre of your dog’s world.


In our Puppy/Beginners class (Tues or Saturday @ 9.50am) we provide a solid training foundation and cover:

  • Core 'out and about' skills such as Lead walking, Recall, Leave, Drop, Focus on me, etc.

  • Teaching them how to interact in the world and with other dogs/people (aka socialisation)

  • Build confidence and encourage resilience

  • Develop good behaviours - such as settle, sit & look for attention, focus around distractions etc.

  • Reduce unwanted behaviours such as jumping, pulling, etc. 

Our Improver class (Tues or Saturday at 11.10am) follows on from Puppy group but is suitable for any dog at any age and includes a wide range of training exercises including:
•    Lead walking and Recall skills – taking these to a more advanced level
•    Obedience – core skills to develop a well mannered and responsive dog
•    Patience – teaching the dog to have more control over it’s impulses
•    Calm skills – Teaching the dog to be still through various techniques
•    Trick training – Introducing various trick based behaviours to develop the bond
•    Gundog skills – Using the basics to develop steadiness and focus on you
•    Interactive play – Encouraging you and your dog to play well
•    And many more…


We also run specific workshops for Recall, Lead Walking, Gundog training and other aspects. 

These focus on the key elements and work to really develop the dog's skills in either a single session or over a period of weeks. 

Classes are kept small so we can provide a good level of coaching and iron out any rogue elements so you and your dog can really progress


We know how important it is to help your puppy have a great start to life. We’re dog owners too, and have recently gone through the puppy stage ourselves and live by what we promote. 

Spaces are limited for our highly recommended group classes, please contact us soon to secure your place or just to find out more and see if this can help you achieve you dog owning dreams. 

UK Dog Charter 2023
Dog Training Collece Approved Dog trainer


Ferris and I have loved our beginners classes with Cotswold Hound, such a friendly welcoming atmosphere to classes, everything we learnt was geared to real life situations and taught in a fun way with games that were great to get the kids involved with training too.
I loved that socialisation was built into each session, and I've come away confident with Ferris meeting and greeting other dogs and reading their body language.
Barnaby is really approachable and gave me loads of advice on dealing with any issues in a positive way.
Thank you Cotswold Hound, thanks to you me and Ferris are ready to take on the world together!

Cute well trained Labrador puppy


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