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You want the best for your dog

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The Cotswold Hound Way

Cotswold Hound provides dog walking, training and behaviour services based in Cheltenham. For training we cover the surrounding area including Gloucestershire and the Cotswolds.

A dog should be a source of enjoyment, however there can be times when it doesn't go according to plan or you need a little extra support.
Cotswold Hound was setup in 2014 to provide the best care and support for dogs. 
We believe that dogs thrive when they have the right level of exercise, enrichment and engagement. 


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Dog Training and Behaviour Modification 


Dogs can easily develop their own way of interacting with you and the world. If left unchecked, this can develop into unwanted or difficult behaviours.


The right choice of dog professional will make a huge difference in the life you live with your dog. Our qualified and experienced trainer will provide effective training and behaviour services for all dogs. 

This includes Group Dog Training Classes; 121 Training Programs; Remote Dog Training; and "Train and Walk" services.

Our aim is to help you as a dog owner get the most from your dog with proven effective and kind techniques. Also to help your dog become a happy, well mannered, obedient, confident and calm part of your household.

Find out more about training here


Dog Walking  
Dog walking is more than just taking a dog out for a walk. Adapting to the needs of each individual dog is critical to ensure dogs get on and enjoy themselves.

Our team of trained and insured dog walkers only walk a small
number of dogs at a time (no more than 4). The emphasis being to make sure your dogs are given the most appropriate physical exercise for their breed, age and needs, but also making sure their mental well-being is taken into account too.

Our trainer supports the team and we carefully consider which dogs get on together to make sure the pack interactions are harmonious and happy.

Ensuring your dog is happy and content in our care is our priority.
Find out more about our walking service here


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Our reviews say it all, have a read to see what others have said and then arrange a free 15 consultation to discuss how we can help you

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Whatever you are looking for we'd be delighted to talk about how we can help :)



Cotswold Hound have been walking my 2 Vizsla’s for a few years now. The boys are always so excited when the walker arrives and they come home having been well exercised. Not easy to wear out two young Vizsla’s! 

I would highly recommend their service. Bryony is reliable and accommodating when my plans have changed. I feel confident that my boys are in good hands when out walking with Cotswold Hound.

Two Vizsla dogs enjoying a dog walk in Cheltenham

Ludo and Ripley

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