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Dog walking Cheltenham
Keeping your dog fit, happy and healthy

Dogs love being walked by Cotswold Hound, we make it easy for you and your dog

We operate a team of specially selected walkers and can offer a range of walking services. To ensure we can manage and encourage good behaviour we walk no more than 4 dogs per walker. Making sure your dog thrives when in our care is our priority.  

For each new dog we will meet and greet them at home to assess them and learn which pack they will be most suited to, based on age, energy levels, sociability and play styles. We will then have a trial walk to see how they get on when out with our walkers. 

Our team trainer and behaviour specialist is on hand to support the team and help dogs integrate into a new pack.

When dogs fit in well we see all dogs benefit.

Daily Group Walks
We provide hour long walks with pick up and drop off as well. We keep the groups small (no more than 4 dogs) to ensure each dog has a great time and the walker can ensure a happy walking group by being able to keep an eye on them to ensure their safety and wellbeing. 

Individual/Lead Walks
These are sometimes preferable for more fearful/reactive dogs, dogs with limited recall or for puppies who are building up their skills.
Once we are satisfied that a dog/puppy is ready to go off lead with a group walk we can introduce them to a suitable group. To do this we will carefully select the right dogs for them to join to ensure it helps develop their interactions.

For very young puppies we offer a pet visit service where we come round to play, let them out for their business, feed them and begin to build a bond with them until they are ready for short walks. Our trainer can also provide socialisation walks where we can take you new puppy to meet other dogs and get exposure to the local surroundings (once vaccinated and for a duration suitable to their age)

The aim is to help in keeping your dog fit, happy and healthy


Contact us for details of our pricing and how to secure your place with in a pack. 


Two terriers enjoying a dog walk in Cheltenham
A lot of dogs enjoying a dog walk in Cheltenham
Two Vizslas and a Shepherd dog enjoying a dog walk in Cheltenham


Cotswold Hound have been walking my 2 Vizsla’s for a few years now. The boys are always so excited when the walker arrives and they come home having been well exercised. Not easy to wear out two young Vizsla’s! 

I would highly recommend their service. Bryony is reliable and accommodating when my plans have changed. I feel confident that my boys are in good hands when out walking with Cotswold Hound.

Two Vizsla dogs enjoying a dog walk in Cheltenham

Ludo and Ripley

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